The collaboration activities of MIKELANGELO aim to foster mutual co-operation and sharing of ideas in a multi-lateral manner.  The collaboration actions are centred on – but not limited to – EEA. We are very interested in working together with competent projects and organisations across the world.

Collaborate with us! We are always happy to:

  • Organise a common workshop at relevant conferences such as the ISC, the SC, …;
  • Develop/integrate software components – you can read about the technologies we develop and plan to develop at our Technology pages here;
  • Participate in your project surveys;
  • Be invited to your project meetings/trainings/workshops;
  • Co-author journal papers or articles on topics of common interest;
  • ..

If you are interested in any of the above, please email us at

Currently MIKELANGELO collaborates with the following,

A) Projects:

  • H2020 FORTISSIMO 2
  • H2020 project DICE
  • H2020 project M2DC
  • H2020 Nephele
  • Celtic-Plus SENDATE – SECURE-DCI

B) Technology Platforms:


C) Organisations:

  • Tohoku University
  • NEC